We are a well-travelled British-Chinese-French family who love the outdoors, great food, wine and convivial good times.

After spending many busy years working and living across Asia, we needed a base in Europe to call home and wanted a place where we could genuinely kick back, relax and "breathe."


Our search led us to the French Alps where we fell in love with Lake Annecy and its surrounding mountains and we chose our house in a small hamlet so as to be one step removed from the bustle of the heavily populated Summer months.  


 Our house became ready for guests in July 2017 and it has far exceeded all expectations.  It is truly a relaxing and sociable retreat, with the bounty of nature on our doorstep for our family, children and friends to enjoy.  

We plan to live here permanently one day, but until then, in the spirit of sharing, we invite you to enjoy our house, Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains.

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